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In 1954, when CEC was established, the audio industry was still in its infancy. For example, the field of drive motors for phono turntables was as yet largely unexplored. CEC became the first company to make turntables in Japan, and their products were highly regarded by music lovers. CEC was one of the leading suppliers of turntables and CD players in the consumer field with major brand OEM customers including Grundig, Marantz, Teac, Sony, Sanyo, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Alpine, Kenwood, Sharp etc. For CEC, the aim has always been clear - to create superior, high-end audio products; a quality-oriented policy that has served us and our customers well, regardless of market fluctuations. For this CEC have inaugurated in 2011 a new company building, as well as a new production facility in Japan. The first CEC CD player was introduced in 1983. Due to thier analog experience their engineers were able to implement the belt drive system to CD transports. The world's first belt drive transport was born in 1991 - CEC 's TL 1. Since then, CEC has continued to develop and refine belt drive CD transports. A technology for which CEC holds worldwide patent rights. Please download the CEC brochure and our price-list.

CEC TL2N double belt drive CD transport. The TL 2N offers a wide range of connection options including World Clock (BNC), Super Link (BNC), XLR (AES/EBU), coaxial S/PDIF (RCA), Toslink optical. The compact disc spins on a precision spindle/thrust bearing assembly held in place by a brass 120mm diameter stabilizer clamp weighing 380 grams. Also, the digital signal can be upsampled from 44.1kHz to 88.2kHz or 176.4kHz • Download the CEC TL-2N brochure

CEC DA5 32bit/384kHz PCM; DSD256/11.2MHz USB DAC + pre-amp for digital sources + headphone amp. The conversion from digital to analogue signal in new CEC DA 5 is performed by the ESS Hyper stream DAC chip ES9018K2M compatible with 32bit - 384kHz PCM and 11.2MHz - DSD 256. Exceptional channel separation and wide dynamic range result in reproducing music with unbelievable width and depth of the sound stage. CEC DA 5 offers two different digital filters. “FLAT”, a standard filter with super linear frequency response and “PULSE”, a ringing-free pulse-optimized filter with a softer roll-off below 20kHz. Both conventional type RCA and balanced type XLR connections are available. We recommend the balanced connection to make the CEC DA 5 balanced circuit superiority perform at its fullest. Incorporating it’s headphone amplifier circuit the DA5 can be used as a high performance headphone amplifier. Digital volume control can adjust the analog output level. You may even connect directly to a power amplifier and / or active loudspeakers and the volume adjustments are done via remote control. Once output level has been set it is memorized even after power is off • Please download the CEC DA5 brochure and CEC DA5 review

CEC TL5 belt drive CD transport. Pure belt driven CD transport is a rare gem these days. The TL5 was designed for those who, with a modest budget, want to squeeze the last bits out of their precious CD collections. Simple, pure and minimalistic! The TL 5N offers a wide range of connection options including XLR (AES/EBU), coaxial S/PDIF (RCA) and Toslink optical • Please download the CEC TL5 brochure and CEC TL5 review

CEC CD5 32bit/384kHz PCM; DSD128/5.6MHz USB DAC + belt drive CD player + headphone amp. A digital input and headphone terminal have been added for the first time to a belt-drive CD player. This maximizes the most advanced DAC technology developed by ESS, and the headphone output enables direct listening without amplifier and loudspeaker system. With USB input connected to a computer up to 32bit/384kHz PCM and DSD128/5.6MHz high-resolution music sources can be reproduced through the CD 5. Here the CD 5 works as the high-resolution music reproduction device in addition to an independent D/A converter for CD music. The conversion from digital to analog signal is performed by the ESS Hyper stream DAC chip ES9018K2M which is compatible up to 32-bit/384kHz signals. In addition signals through ES9018K2M go through original full-balanced circuit to achieve dynamic and musical reproduction of music. The CEC CD 5 offers two different digital filters, “FLAT”, a standard filer with super linear frequency response to 20kHz, and “PULSE”, a ringing-free pulse-optimized filer with a softer roll-off below 20kHz. SPDIF input is compatible up to 24bit/192kHz by COAXIAL and TOSLINK terminals. USB input for the connection to a computer is compatible up to PCM 32bit/384kHz and DoP reproduction at DSD128/5.6MHz. A large (dimmable) display indicates input status, condition of digital filter, and the input sampling frequency • Please download the CEC CD5 brochure

CEC TL-0 3.0 / DA-0 3.0 The ultimate task of a high end audio component is to breathe life into reproduced music and convey to the listener that the soul of the performer lives in each musical event. CEC opened a new chapter in music reproduction in the spring of 1992 with the world's first Belt Drive CD Transport, the already famous TL1. Creative mastery of vibration control techniques resulted in this landmark product whose uniquely analog musicality has been hailed as nothing less than a revolution in digital audio. The TL1 is considered to be the finest instrument for the most musically satisfying digital reproduction by music lovers, high end amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturers, and the high end audio press around the world. Now with the CEC TL-0 3.0, the breakthroughs of the previous TL-0 have been refined even further than we imagined possible just a few years ago. In every respect the TL-0 3.0 embodies a level of perfection that is unprecedented and breathtaking. “Upon listening, you get the feeling of being kidnapped and taken directly into the concert hall, the CEC TL0 3.0 drive delivers an incredibly stable and quiet foundation on which the converter delivers a true symphony of timbres. The CEC TL0 3.0 CD drive, is simply sensational!” - Harald Obst, HIFI STARS • Download the CEC TL0 3.0 brochure • Download the CEC DA0 3.0 brochure.

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