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De HF-X NCF Ultra High-Speed HDMI™ V2.1 Cable (8K/60p;4K/120p/48Gbps). This Ultra high-speed HDMI™ cable features heavy gold-plated HDMI-A connectors. Supported signal specifications: 8K/60p/48Gbps, 4K/120p/32.08Gbps, HDCP1.4/2.2/2.3, eARC/ARC, HDR10/HDR10+, VRR/60Hz~240Hz (Refresh rate), DSC, QMS, QFT, ALLM . Available in the following lengths: 1.2 metres, 2.5 metres, 3.6 metres, and 5 metres. Custom lengths on request.

De LAN-8 NCF Ethernet Cable. Unlike the old cable from Furutech, this is a CAT-8 Ethernet cable! This cable goes up to a bandwidth of 2000 Mhz, or 2Ghz, and a speed of 40Gbps. This means that multiple applications can be used simultaneously over the same cable. Available in the following lengths: 60cm, 120cm, 180cm, 250cm, 360cm, 500cm, 750cm and 10 meters. Custom lengths on request.

The Furutech NCF Clear Line-E Power Optimizer. We have also tried the NCF Clear Line and are very happy with the results. Despite the small size, there is an immediate improvement in the depth and focus of the soundstage and tonal balance. Low frequencies are cleaner and a better sense of definition is made possible by a lower noise floor. Also when used in a video system, we clearly noticed a smoother image and the colours appeared more natural. Demo available! Read the review at 6 Moons.

For the extensive Furutech product range can be found on the Furutech website. At tg-acoustics we have a complete Furutech wired system on demo! Download the Furutech catalogue.

NCF Booster and NCF Booster Signal Performance-enhancing Connector & Cable Holder. In Audio Accessory Magazine (Japan) top audio commentator Masamitsu Fukuda reports: "First listening impression after setting the NCF Booster. Something has changed dramatically, muddiness gone, clarity! Increased sound to noise ratio, strengthened contrast and definition, response speed improved, transparency increased and distortion reduced, improved space, depth and imaging. So surprised by how much of an effect this product brings. Once set on your system, you won’t want to remove it. A completely new audio accessory has arrived". Read another review on 6 Moons. Also very handy for holding those heavy cables in place ;-)

NCF connectors and sockets. The Nano Crystal Formula is found in different Furutech products, and is a crystal-like material having two active properties. Firstly, it generates negative ions that eliminates static energy. Secondly it converts thermal energy into deep infra-red. After this Furutech combines this with a crystalline material with ceramic particles and carbon nano-scale for advanced Piezo Impact Damping. This results is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material only found in Furutech products! In addition to the FI-50 NCF, FI-E50 NCF and FI-50M NCF connectors, Furutech also introduces the FI-E30 NCF, FT-SWS NCF, FT SDS NCF and FI-E30 NCF and FT-SDS NCF sockets.

Furutech DeMaga. The new and improved Furutech DeMaga is able to demagnetize LPs and optical discs such as CD, CD-R, DVD, MD, Game CD, Photo CD, SACD and DVD Audio, with 20% more power compared to the original DeMag. But besides LPs and optical discs you can now use the DeMaga to completely demagnetize interconnects, connectors and power cables in order to enjoy even less "strain" on your favorite cables. The new styled DeMaga makes use of a touch panel for better ease of use.

New 2.5mm 4-pole TRRS headphone connectors now available. Furutech's insanely beautifully finished, great-sounding CF-7254 (R) and FT-7254 (R) are the result of continuous engineering and long listening to any suitable material. They use a hybrid pin of Rhodium or Alpha Hybrid Copper Special audiophile P. P. Resin for perfect impedance.

New Silver Arrows II. The Furutech Silver Arrows II Phono Cable reaches its extremely quiet soundstage and transparent representation of music with Alpha OCC silver hybrid conductor, triple shielding and external ground, now with a specially developed cable clamp for improved grip and less distortion. Furthermore, these cables offer Furutech's latest Neo Damping Technology for ultimate performance. This cable must be heard! Furthermore Furutech also announces its new Alpha Series bulk cables, comprising the FS-a36 speaker cable, the FA-AS21 balanced audio cable, and the FS-aS22 balanced audio cable. Furutech's proprietary Alpha OCC is one of the few conductors who find excel technicians at Furutech in noise. Alpha OCC is made with extremely pure, oxygen-free copper is made to a very special processing. Unlike regular OFC OCC contains almost no unevenness in structure to micron level.

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