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Like many things, the loudspeaker world hasn't stood still. Due to increasingly better measuring techniques and insight, new materials and applications, more refined products appear on the market; tg-acoustics continuously follows these evolutions and offers you the possibility to make use of them in your existing loudspeakers. An upgrade or modification can consist of the replacement of electrical components such as resistors, inductors or capacitors. But also alterations to the dampingplan and the mechanical properties of the loudspeaker cabinet can result in less colouration and better integration with the room acoustics. The end result is increased definition, a more spacious image, more fine detail and a calmer presentation of the musical content. You also have the possibility to fine-tune the existing loudspeaker to the rest of the hifi-system and your own personal taste.

One of the possibilities of a loudspeaker upgrade is a total revision of your loudspeakers. This consists of a complete analysis of the loudspeakers from head to toe, followed by an inspection report with the various options that could be done and a corresponding price indication - a sort of health report for your loudspeakers! If you feel confident to modify loudspeakers yourself, I also can supply the individual parts such as loudspeaker drivers, crossover components, internal-wiring and accessories on request. Just send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to make you a quotation. After a professional treatment of your loudspeakers by tg-acoustics you will be guaranteed a renewed musical enjoyment from your loudspeaker system! Read what our customers have to say:

"It sounds exceptionally good here. No more sharpness, but beautifully crisp. The bass is also clearly firmer and better defined. It sounds better in every way, and so much better that it's worth the money. As if you were previously sitting in a dusty room, which was also untidy and now in a clean one, with everything back in place. Even at high volume it now continues to sound nice. You really put your experience to good use in putting it together, the sound is now nicely balanced and voices really give you goosebumps on good recordings!!" (Rik - Heemskerk - The Netherlands - filter upgrade JBL S3100)

"I just want to share the result with you. The first days the bass was very dry, there was detail and imaging right from the start. After a few days the bass was fat and full again. This is easy to adjust with the placement of the speakers. I think the result is now better than ever before. There is much more detail and I can often hear breathing. I have now listened into the late hours several evenings. I am very satisfied." (Harry - Broek op Langedijk - The Netherlands - filter upgrade + new internal wiring Hansen Audio The Knight)

"They sound sparkling, the smear around mid and high tones is gone, the tempo of the sound is slightly higher, the sound is now free from the cabinets. Bass tones are better defined and slightly tighter. Overall definitely an improvement. I don't suffer from listening fatigue anymore, I often play streaming music (internet radio and iTunes) and find myself not having the urge to switch to another source anymore. CD/SACD playback is clearly improved and magical at times." (Roy - The Netherlands - filter upgrade Reimer Speaker System Teton GS)

"Now that the loudspeakers have been playing for a while, the sound has opened up nicely. The detailing is great, I hear things on, for example, live records that I first did not hear. You can literally hear what the audience is calling or doing. Thanks from a satisfied customer." (Jaap - The Netherlands - filter upgrade Thiel CS3.5)

"First of all, thank you for the fantastic work you have done. My listening pleasure has received a huge boost. This is the result I hoped for. It is as if every instrument has been given more space and detail. The overall sound has become much calmer and more spacious, with each instrument much easier to place. The low end has become nicely tight and controlled, the midrange is more open and the treble is wonderfully sparkling. I am very satisfied, you saved me a huge search for new speakers. I also followed your advice regarding loudspeaker placement and have now found the optimal position for me. I can now get many more years out of my KEFs!" (Henk - Appingedam, The Netherlands - filter upgrade KEF IQ7SE)

"Yesterday I finally got round to finishing the AN-E's. And I must say, the first listening impression (even though not run in) is really fantastic!! I could not have dreamed this result, it exceeds my wildest expectations! Although I have of course improved several things (damping material, internal cabling and purchase of the original AN stands), in my opinion your beautifully built crossovers do by far the most. Thank you for this, but also for your expert advice and correct treatment, top class Tony!" (Jan - Leeuwarden, The Netherlands - filter upgrade Audio Note AN/E)

"I am in the heaven! Wonderful, you made a wonderful new interpretation of these Cabasse loudspeakers. The soul is kept but they have greatly improved. Once more thank you, you have made exactly what I wanted. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." (Michel - Colombes, France - upgrade Cabasse Brigantin V)

"Crossovers arrived safely yesterday and I installed them this morning. They sound fantastic. The fluffle sound has completely disappeared and as you said the top end is a bit brighter. From Dave Edmunds to Mozart, they sound sublime. They are sounding as they should again. One very happy customer. Thank you so much." (Tony - Stroud, United Kingdom - filter upgrade Leak 2060)

"Here are my findings after the upgrade: The treble is nicer, no sharp edges anymore at high volumes. More air between the instruments, positioning is better. Acoustics of the recording venue are more perceptible. Hear more wood with double bass and strings. Vocals are more in the foreground, closer. Everything beautifully present and I hear more than I have heard before. More body in the bass. You understand, I'm very happy with the result." "I don't want to hold back my listener friend / bass-player's response: he thinks the improvements in the sound are impressive." (Remmert - Purmerend, The Netherlands - filter revision and upgrade MC Systems M3)

"The upgrade of the crossovers can clearly be heard. They have become totally different speakers, in a positive sense! On some recordings certain instruments, to which I previously did not pay attention, are now noticable. It's like when you put on glasses for farsightedness: suddenly you can see details in the distance that you suspected were there but just couldn't see very well. But the most important is the improvement in the midrange. Certain rock-music was previously just not fun to listen to (even with other speakers), a specific frequency was shrill and caused pressure on the ears ...... now everything is much more balanced with more homogeneity. I am amazed every day when I hear details that were previously not noticable. Cymbals and hi-hats now have much more definition and detail while before they were not even recognizable on recordings as such. The bass also has a lot more definition, Marcus Miller is simply playing in the living room! All in all I am very happy with the upgrade. Thanks again for that." (Paul - Amersfoort, The Netherlands - upgrade Usher BE10)

The following photo's show a small selection of loudspeakers that have been upgraded by tg-acoustics Hansen Audio The Knight Verity Audio Finn Reimer Speaker Systems Teton GS Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III Audio Note AN/E B&W DM7 B&W Nautilus 804 KEF IQ7SE Cabasse Brigantin V JBL L65 Jubal B&W 703 Leak 2060 MB Quart 650S Bang & Olufsen Beovox RL140 Bang & Olufsen Beovox S45-2 ProAc Studio 250 MC Systems M3 Usher Compass Dancer BE-10 Diamond Chario Constellation Delphinus MK Sound S150-II Neat Ultimatum MFS JBL Ti250 Jubilee Usher CP-6311 Isophon Cassiano Usher Compass Dancer BE-10 B&W P5 Monitor Audio RX8 Marten Getz B&W CDM 9NT MB Quart 3200S BNS Soundcolumn II ACR RP200 Blumenhofer Geniun FS3 TMA Premium 905 B&W CDM 9NT Magnat Sigma 900 Sonus Faber Concertino Home Amphion Argon Elipson 1303 JM Lab / Focal Electra 1037 be Translator Reference Vaessen Audio Galaxy PMC FB1 JM-Reynaud EMP2 Studio de Schop Climax

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