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custom loudspeaker design • product development • hand-crafted in The Netherlands

One of the major activities at tg-acoustics is that of very high quality, tailor made loudspeaker design. With many years of experience in loudspeaker design, acoustics and interior architecture, tg-acoustics is able to offer solutions for those who are looking for something unique, something tailor-made to your specifications and that can compete with the absolute best in high-end audio. We work closely together with experienced furniture craftsmen and suppliers to realise an end product that meets the highest quality level in sound that is possible. We create custom solutions for the discerning music lover.

Before the final product is completed, a route is followed in which each minute detail of the design is thought out, all in close consultation with the client. With the aid of extensive computer modelling, the most complex of acoustic situations can be simulated. Based on these simulations and incorporating the clients personal wishes and visual design, CAD-drawings are made that are then imported directly into the software for the CNC-machines. That way even complex internal and external shapes can be realised with the utmost precision.

tg-acoustics loudspeakers are designed with passion for music and are measured against the artistic expression and emotional communication of music. Our listening panel consists of trained musicians with many years of experience in jazz and classical music. Furthermore, during the development of loudspeakers, acoustic instruments such as violins, double-bass, guitars, drums, piano, etc, are constantly at hand. Parallel to this way of designing we also use the newest computer based simulation and measurement software. Only by combining these two ways of designing is it possible to reach such a coherent and complete end product. Measuring is one thing, but how to interpret these measurements is even more important. Besides all this, regular visits to live concerts are a pleasant way of calibrating our brains.

This unique combination gives you the possibility to fully integrate your loudspeakers into your interior. Not only matching them in shape, size and finish but also matching their acoustic properties with the rest of your system and personal taste. True custom design!

Electro-acoustic design of "Tunnel Vision" for Studio Stallinga, Amsterdam.

tg-acoustics La Musica • three-way modular loudspeaker system / impedance: 6 ohms • efficiency: 93dB / 2,83V • range: 28-22.000Hz • 2" titanium compression driver with edgewound aluminum voice coil and neodymium ring magnetic structure, flux density 2,2 Tesla / constant directivity horn / 12" midrange with 4-inch, fibreglass inside-outside copper voice coil / 18" woofer with 4-inch, fibreglass inside-outside copper voice coil and fibre impregnated paper cone. All drivers have light weight moving mass in combination with extremely strong motors for unmatched transient response • External crossovers with Duelund Silver Bypass capacitors • Furutech Alpha internal wiring • 30-60mm thick (21-42 ply) birch plywood cabinets • Onken bass cabinets with book-matched Zebrano real-wood veneer • Internally tapered midrange and treble cabinets with see-through "shark gill" sides and rear • Effortless is the key word here: detailing from deep bass to transparant highs, image size, dynamic expression, slamm, everything is produced with the utmost ease • Recommended amplifier power: anything from 5 to 500 watts • Size: 1950 x 625 x 700mm (H x W x D) • Weight: 220 kg's per speaker • Quote from the German customer: "Mein endgόltigen Lautsprechern" (my final loudspeakers).

Custom built AV cabinet with american walnut finish. Real wood book-matched and mirrored veneer, "invisable" doors, height adjustable Finite Elemente Cerabase Classic component feet. Client: private customer in Germany.

Custom in-wall subwoofer with active crossover and class-D amplification. Two 15" woofers with heavily braced birch plywood cabinet of over 600 litres bruto volume invisably integrated into AV wall. Client: private customer in Norway.

Custom built amplifier stands with a black silk-gloss finish. Height adjustable Finite Elemente Cerabase Classic component feet. Client: private customer in Germany.

Audiovisual presentation room equipped with a 4.1 Multi Channel loudspeaker configuration with a high-gloss piano finish. Fully integrated system with features such as Apple AirPlay, 3D Full HD BluRay compatibility and hi-res streaming audio. Client: Q-Dance The Netherlands.

Two times 140 kilo's of piano-black spray painted, constrained-laminated, CNC-milled mdf and Corian with a complete line-up of ceramic drivers with neodymium motors. Client: private customer in Thailand.

"Tony, first I would like to say that the pictures do not do them justice, they are gorgeous! As soon as turned on the new speakers I was floored. There are some differences in each of my systems, but the new one is by far more natural and more detailed. The sound-stage has more depth and width. I wish you could hear the speakers now! The Audio Research gear compliments the speakers well. The midrange and the tweeter section is as good as it gets and I would find it hard to beat with any system. We thank you again for the super job, you have given us lot of enjoyment. Smile evertime we look at the loudspeakers. I have got to go now as I have CD's to listen to." (Arline and Ross - Thailand)

CAUTION: Beware of counterfeit tg-acoustics products on the internet! If you suspect that the product you want to buy or have bought is counterfeit, please contact us immediately. Each tg-acoustics loudspeaker has several unique characteristics which we can assess for their authenticity. We keep a detailed log (with photographs) of all our products, including loudspeaker upgrades. This allows us, even after years, to check the authenticity of the product.

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